Perlas en el Barro is a Spanish ONG that fights for children's rights in Kenya. We welcome orphaned or abandoned children, we provide them with everything they need to forget their terrible past and look to the future with hope. The figures are alarming, in Kenya alone, 1 in 10 children is orphaned or has been abandoned; more than 2,400,000 children under the age of 13. 


Perlas en el Barro's work is based on making the Spanish population aware of the situation of orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya and, together with their collaboration, raising funds to provide them with a dignified childhood: schooling, food, health, training, clothes, improvements in infrastructures and that in the future they have easy access to the labour market and form the family they never had.


This year's objective is to build the new orphanage to give them all the comforts that any child deserves and to have much more space to welcome all the children who wander vulnerable begging through the streets. The initial budget is €70,000, will have bunk beds, finally stop sleeping cramped on the floor, closets, bathrooms, running water, electricity, games room and study, a porch to shelter from the rains and space for volunteers who will help complete their training through workshops and cover the affective needs of children.


The dining room is our second big challenge after the construction of the new orphanage. We want a large space to feed our children and families lack resources and live in the area. It will have a kitchen and a living/dining room. The kitchen will have running water, pantry, refrigerator, sinks and kitchenware; the living/dining room will be a miltiusos room: an assembly hall to perform plays, to do workshops with volunteers and for Isaac and his wife Mourinne to give reinforcement classes to the children who are about to arrive.


Thanks to the fundraising events, collaborating companies, sponsors and anonymous donors who have supported us in our first year of life, we have bought a water tank, a cow, we have built a kitchen, we have bought land for a garden, a land to build the new orphanage, all the children are enrolled and schooled, have uniforms, school supplies, have food, sanitary clothes and receive all our love.



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